Warhammer 40000

Warhammer 40000 is the world's greatest tabletop miniatures game. It takes place thousands of years in the future. Mankind, under the guidance of a powerful psychic entity, the "Emperor," has colonized the stars. The Emperor's loyal Imperial forces fight a never ending battle on a thousand fronts to defend humanity from enigmatic aliens, foul traitors, and even daemons from a dark dimension known as "the Warp."

My part in the game is as the commander of humanity's finest fighting forces, the "Adeptus Astartes," or Imperial Space Marines. There are roughly a thousand "chapters" of Space Marines spread across the galaxy, ready to strike fear into the hearts of the Emperor's foes. My chapter is the Blood Angels, one of the original twenty legions raised by the Emperor when he lead man's conquest of the galaxy.

After years of painting on and off, I finally finished replacing the Third Company's Second Squad (Tactical), Squad Vincent. I have a Fourth Squad in the works, but I think my next project will be a squad of Sternguard veterans.

What is Warhammer 40000?
Warhammer 40000, now in its fourth fifth sixth seventh (!!!) edition, is quite simply the world's greatest tabletop war game.
The Heroic Blood Angels
Pictures of some of the models in my army
Battlefleet Gothic
The Imperial fleet I entered at the 2003 Dallas GT
The Foul Tyranids
Sean's evil-looking extra-galactic menace!
The Guest Gallery
Models painted by YOU!
'Eavy Metal
Older models (mostly) painted by GW's 'Eavy Metal team
Games Workshop UK
Models I saw on display in the UK
Special Projects
Alex's Ultramarines
Painted up for his seventh birthday (added 02-AUG-2011)
Space Marine Tactical Squad competition
Held at GW Grapevine Mills on 17-AUG-2002
Space Marine Banner competition
Held at GW Grapevine Mills on 10-AUG-2002
Battle Reports (Third Edition rules)
Battle For Carrollton
1500 points (11-JUN-2000)
Blood Angels vs. Tyranids
1000 points (06-MAR-2000)
Blood Angels vs. Chaos
1000 points (25-FEB-2000)
Good Names for WH40K characters
Some of the funnier posts to rec.games.miniatures.warhammer ("RGMW"), including my own work, plus that of Thomas Durdella, Pat Marstall, and others.
Historical Background
Pieces from the older texts, such as the Legion of the Damned and the real Lionel Johnson.
Related Links
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