Warhammer 40000
Sean's Tyranid Menace

My friend Sean has been working diligently on his Tyranid army, and finished them just in time for the both of us to enter the Dallas GT. While I was over at his place the other day, I took some pictures with his digital camera. As long as we had the setup going, I thought, why not take some pictures of his bugs, too?

Here they are!

Sean's evil-looking Hive Tyrant (56 K) practically salivates malevolence. As you can see from the full-body shot (49 K), he is modeled with wings, allowing him to zip across the battlefield at 12" per turn.
The Tyrant Guard act as a command squad for the Hive Tyrant. Because of the "Shoot The Big Ones" rule, they are the only models the Hive Tyrant can lead who can help him soak up enemy fire... not that they wouldn't be dead 'ard in their own right! (38 K)
Ever since Third Edition, the Carnifex has been more than just a big close-combat battering ram; he can actually carry shooty weapons. Sean equipped his with a Barbed Strangler for beating up on tanks and large mobs of poorly-armoured losers like Orks or Imperial Guard. (41 K)
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