Warhammer 40000
Space Marine Tactical Squads

On Saturday, August 17th, at Games Workshop stores around the country, the Emperor's Finest took to the field. Games Workshop held a grand competition: each player should bring his best-looking tactical squad and display it forth for the keen eye of the painting judges.

Veterans' Division
First place went to Merlon Clemmons for his Pantheras Legion Space Marines. Merlon has a large army of them painted up, and they typically play using the Space Wolf rules; animal pelts, feral ferocity - it all kinda makes sense. (91K)

In this shot, you can see the Pantheras Legion's banner a little better. (74K)
I managed second place with my heroic Blood Angels. This is Squad Deimos - third company, third squadron. (54K)

The heavy weapon trooper, Brother Isaac, is a conversion using the torso from the Dark Angels' Master of the Ravenwing. (62K)
Chris Kmita, whose Black Templars Chapter Standard Bearer was the only model entered in the banner competition, painted these Black Templars. (60K)

While difficult to dicern from this photo, the torsoes of the Initiates are pinned to their waists, allowing them to swivel and be posed for display! (95K)
Mark Wills' Flesh Tearers all have real Flesh Tearer shoulder pads, complete with raised chapter insignia. (67K)
Youngbloods' Division
Corey Morris won first prize with this striking diorama, in which his Iron Eagles Space Marines open fire on an Ork Killa Kan while simultaneously fighting off Genestealers! (85K)

The meltagun trooper blazes away at a nearby Genestealer as the sergeant valiantly struggles against another with his axe. (76K and 56K)
Second place went to the younger Merlon Clemmons (son of the other Merlon Clemmons) and his Silver Knights. (55K)
Honourable Mention goes to Chris Stapleton and his Ultramarine tactical squad. (58K)
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