Warhammer 40000
Alex's Ultramarines

For Alex's seventh birthday, I gave him a tactical squad of ten Ultramarines. They're the plastic models that come in Battle for Macragge - durable, not too many pointy bitz, and very few parts. I painted them over the course of two months in secret - usually at night after he, Teagan, and Mommie had gone to bed.

I didn't highlight them, and hadn't finished putting all the finishing touches on them when all-of-a-sudden his birthday was tomorrow, so I assembled them, flocked them, and wrapped them up in some Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen paper so they would fit in with the rest of his presents.

The sergeant has a bolt pistol and chainsword, and you can see what looks like a krak grenade on his belt. Anyone who remembers Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate knows that Ultramarines have green frag grenades and red krak grenades. (103 Kb)
The flamer is the archetypal special weapon for a codex tactical squad. As much as I like the Second Edition flamer models, this one comes with the Macragge bunch, and he really fits in better with the other ladz. (88 Kb)
Never call it a "missile launcher" - it has the word "miss" right there in the name! Try to call it a "rokkit launcha" if you can remember, otherwise you're likely find yourself to rolling 1's when you really need to blow something up. (93 Kb)
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