I have divided the links into several sections by interest. They are, alphabetically, anime (Japanese animation), books, comics (including webcomics), family and friends, fun with flash, games, hoaxes, folklore and urban legends, humour, miscellaneous, music and radio, news, search engines, shopping, tv, movies, and video, and Warhammer 40000.

The third-longest running (2017 was their 25th year!) anime convention in Texas - held in downtown Dallas
Anime North Texas, a newer con held in Irving, Texas, in November
Errol Lanier's BGC Page
Fine Bubblegum Crisis fan art
Hobbylink Japan
Model kits from every anime series you could want!
Mr. T
The "Toughest Man In Anime"
Joe Haldeman's Tangled Web Site
Home of Joe Haldeman, author of The Forever War
Joe Mathieu
I have had a copy of Big Joe's Trailer Truck for decades!
Robert Munsch
Author of fun children's books
Saberhagen's Worlds of SF and Fantasy
Home of Fred Saberhagen, author of the Berserker books.
Comics and Webcomics
Big Big Truck Productions
Home page of the multi-talented Elizabeth Kirkindall ("E.K.") Weaver
Did you know her husband is the voice of Carrot Glace in Sorcerer Hunters? No, really, it's true!
Once upon a time, there was a girl... updates Tuesdays and Thursdays
A hilarious webcomic about video games
Dumbing of Age
College life humour from David Willis, creator of Shortpacked!
Fallen Angels Used Books [ENDED]
A fascinating story being told in weekly installments.
Girl Genius
Phil and Kaja Foglio's Steampunk Masterpiece!
Kill 6 Billion Demons
Pretty wild stuff there...
Least I Could Do
The wacky adventures of Rayne Summers and friends, a funny webcomic by Ryan Sohmer and Lar deSouza
The Marvel Directory
Everything you ever wanted to know about everyone in the Marvel Universe
News From me
Editor Mark Evanier's page about all sorts of comic-related stuff
Run Freak Run [ENDED]
Do you believe in witches? Inquisitor Two does!
Sergio Aragonés
Creator and artist of Groo the Wanderer, also long time contributor to MAD Magazine
David Willis's Shortpacked [ENDED]
Because toys are serious business!
The webcomic to end all webcomics
The accidental super-heroine with tricks up her sleeves!
Stand Still. Stay Silent.
Post-apocalyptic survival with a Nordic bent.
Don Markstein's Toonopedia
Historical notes on comic strips, comic books, and the artists and writers who created them
Dave Trampier's fantastic comic strip about a miniature-gaming dragon which - appropriately enough - ran in TSR's old Dragon magazine
Family and Friends
Diana Hu
Our friend Diana is a realtor in Houston
Mountain Solitaire
Personal blog of my old friend, Ron Chambless, who died in June 2012 when his fire-fighting plane crashed in Utah while battling wildfires.
U.S.S. Joshua
These are the voyages of the starship "Joshua" ...
An independent sci-fi space trading game in the same vein as Braben and Bell's classic Elite
Mobile Frame Zero
If Lego and Heavy Gear had a baby...
Privateer Press
Makers of the "Iron Kingdoms" games, including Warmachine
Star Frontiers
TSR's sci-fi role-playing game from the 1980's. Monkeys, blobs, and bugs, oh my!
The World of the Petal Throne
Hoaxes, Folklore and Urban Legends
How Thor Power Hammered Publishing
A landmark tax law case that explains some of why book and magazine publishers do what they do.
James Randi Educational Foundation
Randi passed away in 2020, but his foundation rewards those who champion pro-science and critial thinking.
The Straight Dope
Fighting ignorance since 1973; it's taking longer than we thought!
Your E-mail reality check.
The Urban Legend Combat Kit
From NetSquirrel.com
Urban Legends: The Snopes Archive
Home Page of the San Fernando Valley's Folklore Society
Urban Legends: Don't Believe Everything You Read
Despair, Inc.
Humourously discouraging posters for a new generation.
Sometimes the Japanese get it, and sometimes they don't!
Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers
The Acronym Finder...
For all your TLA and ETLA needs
Blocking Ads, Parasites, and Hijackers using a "Hosts" file
Chat Acronyms and Shorthand
Eric Harshbarger's LEGO pages
Wow... and I thought I had a lot of LEGOs. Check out his Mona LEGO.
Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions
That's no moon... it's a space station!
Kurt Wenner
... and his amazing sidewalk chalk drawings!
The Moth
True stories told - live!
A dynamic periodic table of the elements. So... what's your favourite noble gas?
The Wikipedia
The ultimate online encyclopedia
Music and Radio
100.3 Jack FM
They play what they want!
Bowling For Soup
Hot 'n' sour chicken balls and a hangover you don't deserve!
Lonestar 92.5
Classic rock for Dallas and Fort Worth
Mingering Mike
The soul superstar you've never heard of!
Randy Bachman
Formerly of Kathleen Bachman-Turner Overdrive
News (serious and otherwise...)
Some funny, some interesting, some completely oblique
News of the Weird
Chuck Shepherd has retired, but NotW lives on!
The Onion
Get your [not necessarily the] news here first!
Romenesko's Obscure Store and Reading Room [ENDED]
After 13 years, Jim's weird news blog finally closed. The site is still open, though.
The Smoking Gun
Talk about digging up the dirt!
Search Engines
Has search tools. Without tools, we'd just be animals in pants.
I heard about this one from the guys at the MMF Hall of Humiliation.
A decent engine
How much is their stock up to today?
The oldest and most established is often the best.
Books, music ... stuff.
The best of Internet classifieds
Eat. Drink. Save Money.
One day, one deal
TV, Movies, and Video
Bruce Campbell Online
Hail to the king, baby!
The Internet Movie Database
Everyone and everything, indexed.
List of Inquiries and Substantive Answers - the alt.tv.simpsons FAQ.
Community page for KDFW Fox 4, our favourite local news station
The Pink Five Saga
Star Wars fun!
Red Dwarf
The official smegging website!
Stomp Tokyo
Illuminating the dark heart of video
The Mecca of viral video
Warhammer 40000
They used to make titans for 40K
Exchange lead with your opponent!
The Bolter and Chainsword Forums
Forums, painting contests, and all-around 41st-millennium goodness!
Chamber 42
The Journals of Interrogator Chaplain Bish
Demon Winner
The unofficial Golden Demon website
Games Workshop
The makers of Warhammer 40,000, the world's greatest tabletop wargame
Immortal Enemies
A WH40K digital graphic novel
The Oldhammer Forums
For when you want to be a few editions behind... on purpose!
Scratch That - Oldhammer Blood Angels Army Showcase
Hey, these ladz look familiar!
The Stuff of Legends
Ancient archives showing old catalogue pages, include those of Citadel Miniatures
Turn Signals on a Land Raider [ENDED]
The hilarious adventures of The Emperor's Pointy Sticks Chapter!
Wargames Foundry
28mm miniatures company run by the family of GW founder Bryan Ansell (R.I.P.)


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