Warhammer 40000
Battlefleet Gothic

I painted these guys up over about a two week period right before GW's 2003 Grand Tournament in Dallas, Texas. Seems like everybody else had a similar idea; IIRC, about 80% of the fleets involved consisted of Imperial Navy vessels lead by an Emperor class battleship. There were also an Ork fleet, an Eldar fleet, and one Armageddon Task Force lead by Space Marine Battle Barge.

Hunter Squadron consists of four Cobra class destroyers. They're cheap, can launch torpedoes, and most importantly, can sacrifice their totally weak gun batteries for long-range scanners that double the leadership bonus (+2 instead of +1) for picking up enemy contacts. (80 K)
Cruisers are the workhorses of every Imperial fleet. Here you can see the Valley Forge (Tyrant class), the Rodger Young (Mars class battlecruiser), the Ypres (Gothic class), and the Xenophon (Dauntless class light cruiser) cruising in formation. (104 K)
Here is the Audie Murphy, a Dominator class cruiser. Nova Cannon can be really useful; that's whay my fleet included two. (97 K)
My flagship was the Exelion, an Emperor class battleship - shown here surrounded by the Audie Murphy, Ypres, and Rodger Young. (106 K)
Here is a closeup of the Exelion. The Emperor can launch up to eight squadrons of attack craft (including the positively evil Shark assault boats!), has plenty of gun batteries, and replaces the typically Imperialist armoured prow with a mass of sensors that increases the leadership of its commanding officer. (103 K)
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