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During my trip to the UK, I happened upon three Games Workshop stores. The Hammersmith store houses the entire Ultramarines chapter and many of the studio models that were painted and used for box or book art going all the way back to Rogue Trader days. The Oxford Circus store does the most business, and was home to several Golden Daemon-winning models. The Edinburgh store is right on the Royal Mile, just down the street from Edinburgh Castle.

The Ultramarines display was just plain impressive. The entire chapter was painted up for Games Day a few years ago, and now they reside at the Hammersmith store. (93K)
The display was so huge, I couldn't get it all in one shot. There are over 1,000 marines on the steps below the palace. (100K)
These ancient RTB-01 Beekees and plastic Advanced Space Crusade scouts are a real blast from the past. These are the very same models pictured on pages 50, 51, and 52 of the Second Edition Rulebook. Behind them you can see pages from Rogue Trader and the cover of the First Edition Vehicle Manual. (85K)
The Blood Angel Terminators and Apothecary in this shot are the same models that appear on pages 50, 51, and 52 of the second edition Rulebook. The picture of the Space Wolf in the background is the cover of the first Chapter Approved: The Book of the Astronomican book. (75K)
This traitor Warlord class Battle Titan was used for another Games Day display a few years ago, and now resides in the Hammersmith store. (53K)
From the old to the new... here is a wicked-looking third edition Hive Tyrant. (47K)
Visitors to the Oxford Circus store are greeted by this fellow in the front window. Further on down is a matching power fist. (58K and 28K)
This crisp-looking combat squad of Ultramarines resides at the Oxford Circus store. (55K)
Readers of Daemonifuge will recognize this blue badass. It's Inquisitor Hand, although I can't tell if this is the limited-edition model or a clever conversion. (44K)
How about a really wicked-looking Black Templar? Not sure what the book is supposed to represent; we know they don't like Librarians! (44K)
I strongly suspect that many of the conversions I saw, like this Inquisitor with a power fist, were 40K-scale versions of people's Inquisitor models, but without the Inqisitor-scale figures, I guess we'll never know. (54K)
Here's a nasty-looking Chaos Lord for 40K. I'm guessing, given the claw, that this is a Lord of Slaanesh. (45K)
The Golden Daemon winners were nothing short of fantastic. Here's a large (90mm?) scale WHFB Beastman. (44K)
In a new twist of an old theme, someone created a Rough Rider in the garb of the Death Corps of Krieg. Unfortunately, my picture of this model's spectacularly painted banner didn't come out. (39K)
"Weep for him, for his faith was not sufficient." The commissar indicated the fallen officer. "Rejoice, for my faith is bottomless. Forward, for The Emperor!" (63K)
This Inqisuitor-scale model uses bitz from about half of the Inquisitor model range! (51K)
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