Warhammer 40000
Space Marine Banners

On Saturday, August 10th, Games Workshop held a grand competition: each player was to bring in either a Space Marine banner no larger than 8" by 11", or an actual miniature Space Marine carrying a banner. The best-looking banner would walk away with an astounding prize: $100.00 in GW gift vouchers!

My Blood Angels banner won first prize. I was inspired by the story of Sanguinius's defending the gate to the Emperor's Palace during the Horus Heresy, and how, despite having been wounded, he slew a Bloodthirster in single combat. (48K)
The judges had a hard time deciding between my banner and this most excellent Black Templars standard bearer submitted by Chris Kmita. (43K)
Chris was the only one to submit a miniature instead of just a painting. Here you can more clearly see how the bearer is rescuing the banner from a fallen comrade. (37K)
Heather Quaid submitted this grim Dark Angels banner. (39K)
This banner, for the Dark Paladins chapter, was painted by Edd Przybiski III. (34K)
Unfortunately, there was not a separate division for the Youngbloods this time. This outstanding Youngblood entry for the Vultures chapter was submitted by John van Meter. (40K)
The final entry is from Jordan Reeder - the only other Youngblood - who drew this banner for the Cobras chapter. (39K)
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