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I received two pictures this week from Jason Clay of the UK. He sends me his Blood Angels Emperor's Champion and an Inquisitor-scale Spyrer.

This time I have one from Bill Zalman, whom I faced at the Battle for Carrollton, one from Billy, former manager at GW Grapevine Mills, and one from Paul Mauer, who has an excellent page devoted to the Blood Angels of the third company.

If you think you've got what it takes, send me a clear picture or two by E-mail. Be sure to include your name (or alias if you're shy) and any background on you or the model you want me to mention, and maybe you'll see your own pieces up here some day!

It took Jason Clay two weeks to assemble this Inquisitor-scale Spyrer hunter named Jared Trivedi. In a recent adventure, Trivedi lost his eyes to an assassin; ouch! (88 K)
This is Jason's custom-made Emperor's Champion, painted for use in a Blood Angels army - complete with Black Sword and master-crafted bolt pistol. (53 K)
Here is Archaon, Lord of the End Times, from WHFB, as painted by Bill Zalman. His work is fantastic, yet he painted this model in a single night! (44 K)
Billy, former manager of GW Grapevine Mills, has a large Ulthwe Craftworld army; he has over 40 Warlocks painted and ready to go for his Seer Council. (21 K)
Paul Mauer has an excellent gallery devoted to the Blood Angels of the third company. This is my favourite model of his, a conversion of Sanguinius, Primarch of the Blood Angels. (45 K)
After seeing my own OOP Dreadnoughts at Archive: Dreadnought, Aussie Ernest and Aussie Sean got the fever for some Chucks and Eddies of their own. (67 K)
The clever lads at BitzBox.com have come up with a whole array of Warhammer 40000 models based on the Simpsons, including the Marneus Homer you see here.(20 K)
Look at this Razorback! Is that cool, or what? DMan paints up these masterpieces, then unleashes them on the Teeming Millions through on line auction houses like eBay. For a quick look at what's he's auctioning off today, click here. (74 K)
Stuart Morrison painted these Scythes of the Emperor. The Scythes are one of the more obscure chapters mentioned in Titan Legions, having been all but wiped out by the Tyranids.
Steve "Ginfritter" Strnad and Dave Gulczynski converted and then painted this Crimson Fists Sergeant. Look familiar? He's modeled on the sergeant from the cover of the Space Marines Codex. You can see more of Steve's sterling work here. (20 K)
I got this picture of an Inquisitor From James Perry. His friend Jason converted it from a Dark Angels sergeant.(31 K)
Mike Grant says he's usually an aircraft model painter, and the chance to paint this awesome Vyper came by way of a gift. (32 K)
Brion Allman comissioned Pat Chambers to paint him a Space Marine Chaplain, and this grim but splendid-looking model was the result. (47 K)
Greg "Snowdog" Thompson took the new Chaos Lord model and converted it, giving his Plague Lord a wicked set of lightning claws! (58 K)
The Blood Angels may not always come out victorious, but they've been my army ever since Rogue Trader days. Rod Hicks, who painted this cool attack bike, also has Dark Angels, Chaos (Nurgle), Eldar, Dark Eldar, and soon Spacewolves and Imperial Guard. I don't think I could ever paint that much! (61 K)
Marcus Reynolds painted this group of five Blood Angels consisting of two Librarians and three tactical troops. The strange-looking weapons carried by the second and fourth models are, in fact, needle rifles! (28 K)
Most people would probably say these are not made for 40K, but in fact, they are. This is a "maniple" (squad) of the old OOP Imperial Robots. Many players were sorely disappointed when robots disappeared at the onset of Second Edition 40K, especially since the Eldar got to have the Wraithguard. (28 K)
Jim Cheney has made some interesting conversions. Note the cool custom pose on this Eldar Avatar. (107 K)
Jim also built this awesome Space Marine Jet Bike, which, although bearing a passing resemblance to the old Mk XIV Bullock Jetcycles, is a more robust model constructed from the latest edition's bikes. (102 K)
Dark Angel commanders should immediately recognize Andy Gould's Deathwing Terminators. (25 K)
Helge Seetzen constructed this nifty Imperial Crawler. If you look closely, you'll see it is crewed by the old RTB-01 "beekees." Need something from GW? Drop Helge a line. He's probably got it for sale! (20 K)
Here's Chief Librarian Tigurius of the Ultramarines, painted by Roger Odell. Roger's been painting for 19 years now, and plans to open a painting service via the web. (83 K)
I got this scratchbuilt Tech priest from JOAARDVARK. He says he wasn't the first person to own this model, and certainly won't be the last. The big shoota on his shoulder is the infamous graviton gun. (45 K)
Mike Butcher converted and painted this wicked Nurgle Dreadnought. Mike's army took honours at the GW Grand Tournament in Chicago. You can see more of his fantastic work in White Dwarf 236. (25 K)
This spectacular Eldar Wraithlord was painted by the guys at Dark Showcase Miniatures. (65 K)
Tim Yeh tells me this fine Dark Angels Land Raider (12 K) was painted by someone else, and he happened to purchase it that way. Here's a larger picture of the model taken dead on. (28 K)
Jamie Barron of J&J Coins and Hobby painted this ominous-looking chaos rhino. If you live in the northern Indiana area, why don't you drop by and see what they've got cooking? (109 K)
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