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After years of painting on and off, I finally replaced Squad Vincent (Third Company, Second Squad - Tactical). I'm now painting up a Fourth Squad (Tactical), which I have christened Squad Hector. I intend to paint up an alternate sergeant with a different weapons load out (Brother-Sergeant Hector can't live forever, you know?) once I finish converting him.

Lord Commander Dante is master of the entire Blood Angels Chapter. At over 1,100 years of age, he is the oldest living Space Marine in the galaxy who isn't confined to the adamantium sarcophagus of a dreadnought. Both the Salamanders and Ultramarines chapters deferred to his authority during the second Battle for Armageddon. (25 K)
Brother-Captain Morgan Seraphim (19 K), commander of the first company, is made from the Games Day '91 limited edition captain, with a hand-sculpted wing mounted on his shoulder and a hand-painted banner mounted on the backpack that comes with the Dark Angels character Azrael.
Brother-Captain Erasmus Tycho is "officially" the commander of the third company. He succumbed to the Black Rage and perished defending Hive Tempestora during the Third Battle for Armageddon. (31 K)
Brother-Captain Evard Lithonius leads my third company models. I also frequently use his image as my avatar or alter-ego. (39 K)
Brother Arugess is a Codicier librarian. (27 K)
Brother-Sergeant Nolan, seen here clad in Mk VIII Errant armour, assists the Third Company officers and frequently accompanies them to battle armed with a storm bolter. (84 K)
Brother Severin, my chapter standard bearer. Thanks to all those who suggested names for him, especially Analog Soul, who came up with "Severin". (32K)
I converted an Honour Guard model with the "bald sergeant" head to have hair, then tilted him forward to look like he was running. (40 K)
This Honour Guard trooper actually has a modified left arm for a right arm, posed to look like he's taking aim. (40 K)
This "Burna Boy" carries a flamethrower. I don't know how useful he will be in Sixth Edition. (41 K)
Brother Gregor, my Blood Angels chaplain, frequently leads the Death Company into battle. They are particularly susceptible to his fiery oratory. (36 K)
Brother Mercius, a Sanguinary Priest of the first company, suffers from "fuzzy primer". I may end up stripping his paint and redoing this model some day. (29 K)
Brother Kevorkius is a Sanguinary Priest of the third company. His banner is based on the one pictured in the second edition rulebook. (42 K)
This Sanguinary Priest carries a power fist. In my sixth game at the 2001 Dallas Grand Tournament, he managed to destroy Joe Orteza's spectacular Black Templar Land Raider Crusader single-handedly... or would that be single-fistedly? (41 K)
Here are three Terminator Sergeants from the first company - squads Redemptor (I), Invictor (II), and Damnator (IV). (37 K)
This assault terminator has the old style assault squad body - note the lightning bolts on the right knee guard and the funny nubbins on the boots. (49 K)
This Terminator bears an assault cannon and power fist. The industrial banding on the power fist was common to the Terminator Squads of many chapters around the time of the Horus Heresy. (50 K)
Veteran Brother-Sergeant Achilles leads the first veteran squad. (17 K)
Brother-Sergeant Adorno was eventually promoted to the rank of Veteran Brother-Sergeant, succeeding Achilles as the leader of the first company's first squad. (30 K)
For extra firepower, I added this assault marine with a plasma pistol to the first squad. He is clad in Mk III "Iron Armour"; it was common for such suits to be assigned to assault and boarding duties because of the extra plating on the front. This model was one of two such one-piece castings manufactured in the early 1990's. (28 K)
Third Company, First Squad (Tactical)
Brother-Sergeant Gabriel, who is equipped with a bolter and power sword, leads the First Squad. The studs on his head indicate decades of meritorious service. (18 K)
This Mk VII plasma gun trooper is assembled from the bike squadron torso and plastic legs from the "Warriors of the Imperium" box. The "pointing finger" is from the Adeptus Arbites champion. (18 K)
A Mk VII meltagun trooper assembled from the bike squadron torso and plastic legs from the Warriors of the Imperium box. (60 K)
The only heavy weapon I have painted for Squad Gabriel is a Second Edition missile launcher. I used a pewter body, but the right arm and weapon are a spare left over from the plastic Second Edition boxed set marines. (36 K)
This tactical marine is wearing Mk V "Heresy Armour". It just doesn't get any cooler than that. (33 K)
Another model from Squad Gabriel in Mk VII "Eagle Armour", so named for the winged design on the chest. (28 K)
Mk VIII "Errant Armour" is readily distinguished by the high collar (which protects the progenoid glands) and the ribbed power cable at the abdomen. (28 K)
This ancient model from Squad Gabriel is one of two single-piece castings Citadel made for the Mk IV "Imperium Maximus" armour in the early 1990's. (32 K)
This tactical marine also wears Mk IV armour, but this model takes plastic arms, shoulder guards, and weapons - in this case, Third Edition arms with a Godwyn pattern bolt gun. (142 K)
This plastic tactical marine from the first squad has a plastic body with Second Edition arms, backpack, and bolt gun. The scope was introduced as a spare bit with the Third Edition boxed set. (129 K)
Third Company, Second Squad (Tactical)
Brother-Sergeant Vincent leads the second squad. His body combines several elements of both the Third Edition Tactical Squad Sergeant and the plastic Fifth Edition Death Company, as well as a Second Edition Phobos-pattern bolter. (475 K)
Brother Isaac totes the squad's heavy bolter. His torso piece and head is the metal bit from the old Dark Angels' "Master of the Ravenwing" kit. (50 K)
Mk IV Imperium Maximus Armour adds a bit of variety to Squad Vincent. (85 K)
Third Company, Third Squad (Tactical)
Brother-Sergeant Deimos leads the third squad. This very rare Mk VIII model has metal arms moulded in place, but requires plastic weapons and shoulder guards. Note that the squad has 11 models. This allows me remove a heavy or special weapon to save points and still have a full ten-man unit. (77 K)
The third squad's heavy weapon is a lascannon, which uses a tightly-focused laser beam to blast apart heavily armoured enemy targets like tanks and dreadnoughts. (37 K)
The plasma gun is a rapid-firing squad support weapon that incinerates armoured targets with a shell that converts to super-heated energy as it strikes. While the weapon is prone to venting hot exhaust gases (often injuring the soldier carrying it) most commanders are willing to accept that risk to gain such practical firepower. (26 K)
This Space Marine is clad in Mk IV Imperium Maximus Armour. Many chapters regard such ancient suits from before the Horus Heresy as relics, lovingly maintaining them over the centuries and bestowing them upon particularly worthy warriors of the chapter as a reward for outstanding service to Mankind. (28 K)
This model has Mk VII Eagle Armour. Many of the older metal models were made from the same master but with extra details added, such as the winged skull on his right greave. (85 K)
This Space Marine from the third squad has the metal head that comes on the sprue with the Deathwatch helmet. The knife in his left hand came from the plastic bolter and backpack sprue that was released during First Edition. (45 K)
John Blanche's artwork inspired me to adorn this marine's helmet with black flames . (79 K)
The Space Wolf accessory sprue has some pretty nifty-looking heads on it. This model has a plastic Space Wolf head and Third Edition body with Second Edition arms and bolt gun. (149 K)
The first boxed set to feature Mk VII armour was the "Space Marine Strike Force", manufactured during the Rogue Trader era. This metal Strike Force marine still has the old Second Edition arms and backpack but a newer Third Edition Godwyn pattern bolt gun. (128 K)
Sometimes, Squad Deimos rides to battle in this Razorback armed with twin lascannons and plated with extra armour. (83 K)
Third Company, Fourth Squad (Tactical)
Right now, the Fourth Squad is still under construction. I have christened its leader Brother-Sergeant Hector. (1,104 K)
Third Company, Fifth Squad (Tactical)
Brother-Sergeant Brutus, who wears Mk V "Heresy" armour and carries the storm bolter from the Third Edition Space Marine Captain model, leads the Fifth Squad. (96 K)
Sometimes I use Brutus as a neophyte sergeant with a bolter. This is the other one-piece casting Citadel made for the Mk V Heresy armour back in the early 1990's. (98 K)
Three members of Squad Brutus. Note the severed heads hanging from the belt of the model in the middle! (39 K)
This Space Marine from Squad Brutus wears Mk VI "Corvus Armour" and carries an older style plasma gun. I always thought this model looked a little like Bruce Campbell. (36 K)
Between First and Second Edition, many Mk VI models like this one were sculpted in metal with more robust appearances than their First Edition predecessors. This model, for example, retains the studded shoulder pad, but sports a Second Edition bolt gun and is much burlier than the earlier models. (81 K)
I have a couple of these models floating around in my army. This blond one is currently assigned to Squad Brutus. (79 K)
Third Company, Sixth Squad (Tactical)
If I can spare the points, the sixth squad is lead by Brother-Sergeant Actaeon, (26 K) who is equipped with a power sword and an Auspex short-range scanner. If I can't, Brother-Sergeant Stilgar (24 K) steps in.
Here are all ten members of Squad Actaeon. Note that the old beekees have no knee guards on which to paint squad insignia; I painted the edges of the bases blue so I could tell them apart from the models in Squad Brutus. (48 K)
A close-up of Squad Actaeon. These three beekees are among my favourite models in the entire Rogue Trader range. The model on the left is reloading his bolter with a fresh clip; you can even see the unexpended bolts in it! (43 K)
Tenth Company, Second Squad (Scouts)
The second scout squad is typically armed with a mix of close combat weapons, shotguns, and bolt guns. Brother-Sergeant Lister carries an Auspex to detect enemy infiltrators approaching the Blood Angels' perimeter. (74 K)
This shotgun scout is part of Squad Lister. (31 K)
Tenth Company, Third Squad (Scouts)
The third squad is lead by Brother-Sergeant Sirius, who is equipped with a power sword. He looks like Dolph Lundgren for some reason. (35 K)
Squad Sirius is armed with bolt pistols and chainswords, but one novice also carries a heavy bolter in case things get ugly. (73 K)
Fast Attack
This Blood Angel bike was painted by Marc Gajewski. (24 K)
The old "Tornado" Landspeeder, piloted by two Mk VI "Beekees," is equipped with a multimelta and heavy flamer. (13 K)
Kevin Lynch painted this Land Speeder. It looks a little out of place because he used Red Gore instead of Blood Red, but it's really sharp nonetheless. I have three such models. (24 K)
Third Company, Seventh Squad (Assault)
In his younger days, Sergeant Adorno lead the seventh squad of the third company. (55 K)
To provide armour-piercing punch to Squad Adorno, I gave one model a plasma pistol. (22 K)
Brother Lupo isn't really anybody special, but his shoulder pad had a name scroll on it, so I figured I'd better fill it. (37 K)
Another member of Squad Adorno - this model wears the helmet commonly associated with Mk VI Corvus Armour, also known as a "Beekee" for obvious reasons. (18 K)
You have to assume Space Marines are ambidextrous by design. This marine appears to be left-handed. (19 K)
In the early days (late 1980's), some Space Marines based on drawings by Ian Miller were cast as a single piece that included all the weapons and even the backpack! This model's tab reads "Death Squad", and he is equipped with a chainsword and some kind of (bolt?) pistol. (17 K)
Third Company, Eighth Squad (Assault)
Before losing his arm fighting the Tyranids, Brother-Sergeant Gideon lead the 8th squad on many raids mounted on attack bikes like this one. (53 K)
Heavy Support
While the new Land Raider is surely the sweetest thing on treads, I still harbour an affection for the stylish OOP version. (45 K)
Imperius (28 K) is armed with twin lascannons on the right arm and missiles on the left. The purity seal on the right arm is from the old Epic Reaver Titan.
In this picture, Brother Khyron is armed with a multimelta and a power fist, but I also have an assault cannon and a heavy plasma gun plasma cannon painted up for him, too. (179 K)
My Predator "Annihilator" is armed with twin lascannons in the turret and heavy bolters in the side sponsons. The tank commander is an old Mk VI "beekee" that used to come on the Vincent "Black Shadow" bikes. (48 K)
One of the most recognizeable profiles in the 40K universe is that of the round-turreted Predator "Destructor" armed with an autocannon up top and lascannons in both sponsons. (30 K)
I'm still holding out hope that Tarantula mobile gun platforms will return in some future codex. The Squat servitor controlling them is a very old model. (28 K)
Third Company, Ninth Squad (Devastator)
The Ninth Squad will be lead by this as-yet-unnamed sergeant. Like everything else in the Ninth Squad, he is only partly completed and doesn't even have a name yet. (48 K)
Third Company, Tenth Squad (Devastator)
This devastator model, one of the few in my collection that is actually fully painted and assembled, is an ancient Mk VI "Beekee" armed with an ancient disintegration weapon called a "Conversion Beamer". I use it as a plasma cannon when the need arises. (27 K)
Heroes of the Imperium
This is the old Rogue Trader model, which I used as an Inquisitor. Given carte blanche by the High Lords of Terra to root out any weakness in the Imperium, Inquisitors can requisition any equipment they deem necessary to complete their mission, including - as in this case - a power sword and powered armour. (15 K)
The Deathwatch Space Marines of the Ordo Xenos are hand-picked by the Inquisition from many chapters (including the heroic Blood Angels, as in this example) and trained to destroy the alien scum that threaten the Imperium of Man. They are always veterans of many campaigns and excel in hand-to-hand combat. (58 K)
Inquisitor Cyrano was a special conversion project I created from a Fabius Bile model I had left over when GW ran a contest to celebrate the release of the Witchhunters Codex. He is armed with a power stake and a bolter/stake crossbow combi-weapon. (47 K)
Inquisitor Draco, AKA "Marine with hooded tabbard." (47 K)
The Ordo Malleus ("Order of the Hammer") hunts down the forces of Chaos that infest the Imperium. Widely feared are their relentless Daemon Hunters. This Daemon Hunter carries a psycannon and force rod, and wears the sacred tactical dreadnought armour. (30 K)
The Imperial Assassins of the Callidus temple are masters of disguise, and carry C'tan Phase Swords, the blades of which can actually pass through solid objects to claim their victims! (25 K)
The fearsome Eversor Assassins are psycho-conditioned close combat fiends who are pumped full of powerful stimulants and enhancers as they carve their way across the battlefield to their intended targets. (41 K)
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