Photo Gallery

After nearly a year, we've done something that necessitated a change to this page! Our family took its first real vacation ever - a cruise to the Carribbean on board the Carnival Conquest!

I realized the other day that I had updated the "Friends" gallery without making all the pictures available on the server, so I cleaned up the code for that page and put all the pictures out there. Now it looks like that page is only one year behind instead of three!

Boatcon II
Our first real family vacation - a Carribbean cruise in March, 2008!

Teagan Eris Siekierski
Our daughter, born January of 2006

Alexander Grayson Siekierski
Our son, born July of 2004

Our first pet bunny

Our Honeymoon
A selection of pictures from our Caribbean cruise

Petey and Kelliebeans
Adventures from before we were married

Friends and Other Fun Stuff
Continually updated to account for local social upheaval


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