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This page has not seen an update in over three years! Can you imagine? By instituting the "Picture of the Day" for both Alex and Teagan, I feel we've been keeping up in some way over that time. Nonetheless, there are some pictures that got lost or were passed over or the daily update that might better be served here.

Let's Get Ready To Wiggle! (89 K)
We attended our second Wiggles concert in August. This was the second time for Alex and a first time for Teagan.
Here Come The Wiggles! (63 K)
Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car!
Daddy and Alex with Mark Cuban (65 K)
Unbeknowst to us, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is also a Wiggles Fan. We got to meet him after the concert.
Alex with Arianna and Dominic (xx K)
Here, Alex plays with both Arianna and Dominic.
Alex and Dominic at Halloween (xx K)
Alex and Dominic dressed up; this was Alex's second Halloween.
Alex and Sam (137 K)
When Daddy turned 33 in July, Alex played with his friend Sam from across the street.
Four Generations on the Anas side (97 K)
In May, Alex got to meet his great-grandmother, Helen.
Anderson Family Photo (104 K)
When Kellie's parents and brother came to visit in April, we did our best to get a family picture. Alex doesn't always cooperate.
Meeting April in Gruene (109 K)
We met Kellie's friend April in Gruene, Texas, and ate at the Old Grist Mill restaurant there.
Fort Worth Stock Show (xx K)
We took Alex to the stock show in February to see the animals - mostly rabbits - and enjoy the atmosphere. These brawny (or would that be Brahman?) fellows are the mascots.
Flash Holds Alex (xx K)
My college roommate, Henry "Flash" Castleberry, came to visit when Alex was about six months old.
Cecilia Castleberry (310 K)
Cecilia is his older daughter
Marcelina Castleberry (319 K)
Marcelina is Cecilia's younger sister
Happy Birthday, Jenni! (60 K)
Kellie's friend Jenni turned 30. She wanted to jump out of a plane first, and then there was a party that night.
Me and Kellie go Skydiving (61 K)
Jenni wanted to jump out of a plane for her birthday, and we were crazy enough to jump with her.
Tricia with Baby (56 K)
Tricia Raich with her daughter, Arianna.
Sean with Baby (45 K)
Sean Raich with his daughter, Arianna.
Arianna Danielle Raich (52 K)
This is the little bundle of joy. Confusion over her birth weight (seven pounds) has given rise to the as-yet-unclaimed Cool Band Name "Twenty Pound Baby."
Naughty School Girl Kellie (46 K)
For our second date, Kellie and I met at Humperdinks, where she entered the Naughty Schoolgirl Contest.
Greek Food in San Diego (53 K)
My company sent me to Oracle AppsWorld in San Diego. The night before the conference began, I had dinner at the Athens Market Cafe with my boss, Ann, my best friend from elementary school, Tom, and his friend Steve.
Me and Nick (58 K)
Here I am with Nick Anastasopoulos, who, with his wife Vickie, runs the Athens Market Cafe in San Diego. Nick is my mom's cousin.
Me with Tim and Gena (54 K)
Tim and Gena went with us to the Renaissance Festival this time. Tim loaned me a great costume, including a swell hat.
Me with Nina (96 K)
My friend Nina is an actress with the production staff at TRF. We try to take a picture together every season.
Sean and Tricia with Nina (107 K)
Sean and Tricia know Nina from way back. They all grew up in Garland, Texas.
Sean and Tricia (61 K)
Here's a blurry picture of Sean and his wife Tricia. They revealed last time I saw them that Tricia is two-and-a-half months pregnant.
Kaylyn (51 K)
Here is Kaylyn Starnes, a former coworker of mine and my gracious host who made my trip to England possible.
Kaylyn and the Sunflowers (131 K)
Most of Kaylyn's neighbourhood near Isleworth consists of small flats with nicely-kept gardens like this one.
Joo, Young, and Pak-chan (78 K)
While I was waiting in line to gain entrance to the House of Commons, I met three young Korean students who were touring Europe. We ended up hanging out together for the remainder of the day and met up the following morning to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.
The Castleberrys (43 K)
In January I got together with my college roommate, Henry "Flash" Castleberry, and his wife, "Battle Angel" Elita Castleberry. Here they are holding their daughter, Cecilia.
Me and Diana (44 K)
A few weekends later, I went back down to Houston to visit with my friends again. This picture of me with Diana was taken at her friend's tea shop in the Bellaire sector of Houston.
Me, Diana, and Jasmine (40 K)
Jasmine works part time at the tea shop. She and Diana have been friends since college. We all went to school together at Texas A&M.
Ladye and Family (72 K)
Ladye Daniels and her husband Shannon (plus children Emma and Keyton) have moved to Turkey for the duration.
Sean and Ted (88 K)
This is my best friend Sean, who sorta looks like me, with Ted "Joxer" Raimi, who also sorta looks like me.
2001... and Older
The Siekierskis at Easter (33 K)
Me with my Mom, Dad, and brother Scott.
Mom and Wendy (42 K)
Mom is the middle sister. Wendy is the baby of the family.
My Car (45 K)
This is the 1999 Ford Mustang GT with the five-speed transmission and the 4.6 liter V8 engine.
Johnny and Tia (39 K)
Johnny and I went to high school together. He and the lovely Tia are both lawyers now.

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