Alexander Grayson Siekierski

(11-AUG-2004) After a short labor, Alexander Grayson Siekierski was born at 7:33 AM on July 30th, 2004. He was 19.75" long and weighed 6 lbs., 15.7 oz.

Mommie got to hold Baby Boy shortly after he was born. (84K)
The NICU crew weighed him at 6 lbs., 15.7 oz. For simplicity's sake, they rounded up to 7lbs. when reporting his birth weight. (41K)
Here I am in my hospital-issued scrubs holding Baby Boy shortly after he was born. (28K)
The nurse took this picture of al three of us. (45K)
After Kellie's parents arrived, I convinced her dad that he should hold Alexander to pose for this picture. (25K)
My parents arrived on Alexander's fourth day (Monday the 2nd of August) and held him at our home in Euless. (52K)
My mom made this superb quilt just for Alex. Learning to share, however, is an important lesson best taught early. (43K)
Nap time! (38K)
This is Alexander with my brother Scott, his girlfriend Gerrie, and her dog, Chico. (40K)
Here's baby boy in his "Peter Rabbit" outfit. We think he looks like Neal McDonough in this picture. (35K)
Here, Kellie diligently washes Alexander's fine baby hair. It's brown instead of blond like we expected. (36K)
Here are the three other members of my family on the living room floor: Kellie, Alexander, and Emily. (45K)

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