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(27-JAN-2004) Emily is our favourite pet, a Flemish Giant Rabbit (specifically, she's a Fawn for those familiar with the breed). In these early pictures, she is 8-10 weeks old and already weighs almost four pounds. Emily has already potty-trained herself, and gets smarter (and bigger) every day. She's even figured out where we keep the alfalfa treats and the celery and will help herself if we don't watch her.

This is our little bunny at just eight weeks of age. (75 K)
While she is occasionally subject to outbursts of zooming around the apartment at high speed (earning herself the nickname "Rocket Butt"), Emily spends much of her time stretched out and relaxed. (36 K)
We suspect Emily enjoys the taste of human flesh for the salt content. She loves to lick fingers and toes! (72 K)
Emily is well-behaved for the most part and has yet to gnaw on anything truly valuable, like the mat for our wedding picture. She has a bad habit of going for the large toenail however, so we must take care of our feet. (76 K)
The other two don't say much. (68 K)

(28-JUN-2004) Emily has grown quite a bit since we got her in January. While she is still fairly young (only seven months old), she is rapidly approaching the size and weight of her parents.

After she has a good run-around, Emily likes to lay down and stretch out, especially when there are humans nearby to lick on or get petted by. (56 K)
We had to extend the "bunny-free zone" to include our apartment's bathroom once Emily realized she posessed the leg strength necessary to leap onto the counter. Try as I might, I was never able to get a picture of her actually sitting completely in the sink; she barely fits! (88 K)
At Kellie's insistance, I purchased a new vacuum cleaner that is lighter and more effective than the monstrous Bissell I'd been cleaning our apartment with. It was Emily who discovered the most notable feature, however - the box makes a perfect hiding place if you're bunny sized! (82 K)
Emily enjoyed the vacuum cleaner box quite a bit before we finally threw it away. Apparently, such boxes are not only fine for sitting in, but they taste good, too. (62 K)
Emily also finds the seat of my computer chair fairly comfortable. Occasionally she'll put her paws up on the keyboard and press a few buttons. We call this behaviour "checking her B-mail." (82 K)
The blue rabbit was a gift to my wife from my aunt, Teri. Emily took a liking to the new doll fairly quickly and enjoyed some quality time with it on the couch. (114 K)

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