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Adventures From Before We Were Married

Today is my 31st birthday. I also happen to have time to squeeze out this update. Kellie and I started dating back in January. One thing lead to another, and eventually I asked her to marry me on Sunday, June 15th. Below are some of the exciting adventures we have shared.

Excalibur (57.7 K)
I took this picture from the New York New York casino in Las Vegas, which was our first big vacation together.
The Luxor (28 K)
The Luxor casino looks like a big pyramid... very Egyptian motif. Here, Bunny poses in front of the obelisk outside.
Hoover Dam (80.6 K)
Despite 118 degree heat, Kellie and I visited Hoover Dam. In this picture, I'm standing in Arizona while she stands in Nevada.
More Hoover Dam (72.7 K)
The Boulder Dam Project was managed by the US Department of the Interior's Bureau of Reclamation. The dam was later renamed Hoover Dam in honour of President Herbert Hoover.
Embers (61.9 K)
For dinner one night, Kellie and I ate at Embers Steakhouse in the Imperial Palace. Despite the well-worn condition of the casino itself, the steakhouse was top-notch, with excellent food. The dish before us holds two chocolate-dipped strawberries suspended over a steaming bowl of water and dry ice.
Mom and Dad's (39.6 K)
When we found out my friend John Stewart was getting married, we rushed home and donned our best clothes to attend the wedding. Dad snapped this picture in the backyard before we went out for the ceremony.
Waiting for the Bus (31.6 K)
Kellie looked so sharp just waiting for the bus to Hoover Dam that I had to take a picture.
Restaurant at the Top (40.9 K)
Kellie took me to dinner at The Restaurant at the Top of the World, mounted on a rotating platform at the top of the Stratosphere casino, 1400 feet above the Las Vegas strip.
Restaurant Too! (33.7 K)
We did two poses for the Stratosphere photographer, and we liked them both, so we bought both pictrees.

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