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Now here's a page that hasn't been updated in forever! Believe it or not, I've actually done some artwork since the last update (which was in June of 1999, if you can believe that!). Kellie and I entered a contest at her company, Too Inc., to produce images for an internal calendar. Our entry won an honourable mention (which just barely covered the cost of the supplies), but I'm happy to have it up here nonetheless. .

I think we all doodle a little in class from time to time. You can see, based on the date and subject, what I was interested in and which classes were most boring.
I started doodling at the tops of the pages back when I was a student at Midwestern State. Back then, my major was fine arts, and my principal subject matter consisted of robots. Macross and Dougram fans should recognize the designs. (32 K)
This early drawing from 1990 depicts a Battletech "Locust" and "Assassin." FASA borrowed the designs for the Locust, along with the Galleon Light Tank from Crusher Joe. (35 K)
Even after I changed majors to computer science, I continued to draw just for fun. This stylized Patlabor has always been a favourite of mine. (18 K)
And here, from left to right, the entire cast of Sol Bianca. OK, maybe it's just the part of the cast I care about. This one is from Dr. King's history class in 1991. (30 K)
I actually have the vinyl model of Eve Tokimatsuri (from Megazone 23) on which this drawing was based. I made it in 1992. (11 K)
Bunny girls tended to dominate my later works. If you look closely, you can see the calculus notes on the other side of the page. (33 K)
What could be better than a robot or a woman? How about a robogal? I'm sure Sorayama would agree. (20 K)
I drew this one of Nina while she was sitting next to me in archaeology class. She looks much prettier in real life, though. (9 K)
OK, so it's not anime. We were discussing the advantages of upright bipedalism in archaeology class one day, and the discussion of detecting and avoiding predators came up. Naturally, this subject takes on a slightly more fantastic twist in the mind of an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan. (12 K)
I don't remember a girl like this in my anthro class, so it must have just been a wild idea. From January 1995. (8 K)
More calculus girls. I think math classes made me the most prolific, really. (18 K)
... except maybe for Dr. Yurttas' Java class. My "Java Girls" got more sadistic looking as the semester went on, probably because I was sitting next to my friend Diana. I think it's the whole thigh-high thing, really.
These girls, drawn in 1995, are typical of my later sketches. There's just something about those "Dirty Pair" outfits that I really like. (33 K)

This second batch of sketches is no newer or older than the first, really, but I found them hiding in other notebooks that I had neglected to scan the first time around.

Another Patlabor, this time one wearing a blast shield over the face much like the Brocken-Labor. (11 K)
"That armour's too strong for blasters!" Every once in a while, I was inspired to draw by something else than the usual subject matter. This AT-AT is a good example of that. (11 K)
Cammy and Chun-li, of Street Fighter II fame. (13 K)
I didn't draw too many more robots later on... These two are an exception. (21 K)
Just another girl. (6 K)
I must have spent some time working on this lingerie girl; the sketch is larger than the others. (22 K)
I think she was supposed to be Misty May from Otaku no Video... that bow tie looks familiar. (8 K)
This girl reminds me a lot of Janice Berkowski now that I look at her. (11 K)
This girl has a C-ko style flower in her hair. (7 K)
Blood type blue? Just an angel, not even of the "Lovely" variety. (13 K)
Everybody loves Mai Shiranui from the King of Fighters/Fatal Fury series of games, and I'm no exception. You can tell she was drawn on the back of a page. (30 K)
This cat girl, "Kitty Honey," is for the art contest held by Nekosama Productions , a fan sub/dub group that I saw at Project A-Kon X. Will they use it? I don't know. (79 K)
Miss Purple
This character actually has quite a story behind her. This was way back around 1993 or so, when I attended my first Weekend of a Lifetime as part of the Circle K Chapter at Midwestern State. Part of the experience involves sending notes (called "Lifelines") to each other on small rectangular papers, each with an inspirational message.

Our cabin was equipped with a chalkboard on which I drew a girl similar to Ms. Purple here. We adopted her as our "mascot," and later I came up with custom Lifelines featuring her and a (somewhat) inspirational message.

"But why purple?" you ask. Simple: There are pink rooms, and there are blue rooms, but purple is not allowed.

Go for it! (33 K)
Purple is forever (22 K)
Always wear the proper protection. (30 K)
Colour Drawings
Some of my drawings actually made it to the ink-and-colour stage, although these are usually the exception, rather than the rule. I have never tried using the computer to colour my pieces, but seeing the results that others have come up with really appeals to me.
Everybody likes Matsumoto, right? Hell, I grew up on Star Blazers! I didn't find out about Captain Harlock until much later, after I moved to Texas. (58 K)
A colour picture of Kei and Yuri, the "Dirty Pair." I prefer the yellow and teal costumes to the "original" silver ones. (33 K)
Another picture of the "Dirty Pair," this one is from a poster that I eventually acquired at a con. (33 K)
This drawing of Lum is based on a photograph of a vinyl model I saw in Hobby Japan. (31 K)
Being a big Battletech fan, I was always fascinated by Mobile Suit Gundam. He's not perfect, but he'll do. (112 K)
This pilot girl was the subject of an impromptu competition between two friends and I. I am proud to say they both conceded once they had seen her. The shoulder pads were inspired by the AV-98 Ingram, while the boots are more like those worn by ATAC troopers in Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross. (99 K)
Another drawing of Lum, complete with "Urusei Yatsura" logo; this one is also based on a photograph I saw in Hobby Japan. (92 K)
"Liberty Justice" was our entry into Too Inc.'s Loss Prevention calendar, intended for the month of July. Sadly, we lost out to a hackneyed assemblage of clipart featuring Uncle Sam. (409 K - it's a bloater!)
Computer-Assisted Imagery
I think this is the standard procedure: scan in a B/W ink drawing, then colour it using your favourite graphics tool. I'm using an evaluation version of PaintShop Pro 5.0; as soon as I get the hang of "layers," I think I'll like it.
The enigmatic Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion. (31 K)
A fan art of Josh Lesnick's Wendy and Ginger. Love those "Dirty Pair" outfits! For more on Wendy, visit Josh's " Wendy Project." (110 K)

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